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About Us

Based in Melbourne Australia, NISON is one of the most predominant manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment in Australia. NISON has specialised in the setup of commercial kitchens for almost 2 decades. We have showrooms, offices, factories and warehouses across Victoria.

Our expert team designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and services to the needs of our clients, setting the latest design trends in the industry all in compliance with Australian and New Zealand regulations and equipped with all relevant trade certifications/licenses to certify our work.

We take pride in what we do. Each project and product is treated as a piece of art. Our clients have span almost every major Shopping Centre in Victoria. Almost 3 decades of experience allows us to provide high quality products with competitive prices whilst also delivering not only efficient customer service but most importantly after care service.

With an extensive range of products for you to choose from, all the brands, competitive prices and more under one roof. The highest quality of standard size goods and custom MADE IN AUSTRALIA pieces. Differentiating ourselves from competitors who can only retail certain products, NISON understands industry requirements and is capable of manufacturing to any size/design all in compliance with the Australian Standards. NISON is now, one of the only few companies in Australia that are still Australian owned and manufactures locally.

In 2004, NISON established the trading/distribution of NISON’s products to (and retailing of products from) many other big names within the industry. Forming close partnerships, enhancing the volume of sales to conform to the ever-increasing scale of the company, and thus ensuring our customers receive the best deals Australia-wide.

NISON has cooperated with companies in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and China. Equipped with the highest quality of professionally designed kitchen appliances, let us assist you in working out the best possible solutions for your project.

NISON boasts some of the industry’s most famous clientele. Every project is unique. We’d love to add you to the ever growing list. To book a consultation appointment or visit our showroom, please call +61(3) 9547 0876 or email us at

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